THE HOME // ferm LIVING // Automne/Hiver 17-18

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THE HOME // ferm LIVING // Automne/Hiver 17-18
Nous sommes très heureux de partager avec vous la nouvelle collection ferm LIVING Automne/Hiver 2017-2018.

« It’s that certain scent, a familiar atmosphere, walls that know your name. So much more than just a place, THE HOME is where we feel at ease. It’s where we are who we are. It’s the space that lets us grow into who we wish to become. For our new AW17 collection we asked ourselves what makes a good home. Through an exploration of volumes, geometry, graphical elements, and a touch of the Nordic decadence, we found some of the answers.

Ferm LIVING has created THE HOME in Copenhagen. A beautiful apartment completely decorated with ferm LIVING and showing the ferm LIVING complete collection. In the video we show you an impression of THE HOME and new collection. »

Nous vous dévoilerons dans les prochains jours de nouvelles photos de cette sublime collection, disponible dans quelques semaines chez blossom !